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Inside the Airport - HAMCO
Inside the Airport - HAMCO The full spectrum of maintenance services ranges from line level to comprehensive C and D checks, major repairs, including accident damage......more
Outside the Airport -  AEROZONE
Outside the Airport -  AEROZONE Aero Zone will be a geographic concentration/ cluster of advanced technology enterprises which will address the maintenance......more

About Us
Hyderabad Aircraft Maintenance Company (HAMCO) is India’s 1st third party Aircraft Maintenance Organization for commercial planes.

Satellite Image
Satellite Image of Proposed Aero Zone
Government of India’s implementation of the Open Skies Policy has encouraged many private business houses to venture into the airline business, for public transportation. That is where HAMCO steps in. We will make aircraft maintenance easy for the aircraft fleet operators. We ensure that their aircrafts are in perfect condition to fly. Our committed technical team with over 500 man-years of experience in aircraft maintenance with leading airlines in the world, guarantees our promise.

Launched on 7th July 2005 the company expects to begin commercial operations shortly across India, preparations for which are on at a hectic pace currently.

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