Gypsum Soil Conditioner

Gypsum Soil Conditioner

Gypsum is a source of calcium which is a major mechanism that binds soil organic matter to clay in soil which gives stability to soil aggregates. Gypsum complements or even magnifies the beneficial effects of water soluble polymers used as amendments to improve soil structure.

Directly applied onto soil, the Gypsum Granules we offer act as a soil conditioner and consist of phospo gyspum (Approved for agricultural use by the government) as main constituent. An excellent source of phosphorous, calcium and sulfur, the phospo gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is used extensively in the cultivation on various crops. Furthermore, the product plays a vital role in promoting good soil structure by acting as a secondary nutrient.

The granules are known for the ability to loosen tight soil in order to allow various nutrients and water that is essential to plant growth to penetrate deeper and reach the roots of the plants.

The product thus acts as a tool that helps reclaim alkaline or saline soil. The product thus helps boost crop production by making soil in fields suitable for growing various crops and increasing profit. The granules are easy to spread and mix with soil and effectively break down various compounds such as remains of chemical fertilizers that are not soluble. Offered at cost effective prices, the product offers good result and can be used with various other types of chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, the granules can be used on various crops at all stages of growth. What is it: These are granules made of Phospo gypsum (Gypsum approved by Government for agriculture is used) .Phospo gypsum (CaSO4.2H2O) is a good source of calcium, sulfur and Phosphorus.

Uses: It is used for direct application on soil as a soil conditioner or secondary nutrient.

Benefits: It plays an important role in soil structure and acts as a secondary nutrient Our Gypsum Granules loose the tightness of the soil and allow water as well as other nutrients to penetrate it and reach deeper to the root system of the plants. It help in reclaiming the saline and alkali soil. So, these products play an important role to increase the crop production in the field. As it is in granular form it can easily broadcasted in field. It conditions the hard soil by braking compounds of insoluble remains of chemical fertilizers. It gives good result with a very low input cost. It is compatible with chemical fertilizers. It can be applied on all crops at any stage.

  • Size: 05-08 ASTM (4mm to 2.36mm)
  • Oversize under size +/- 5%
  • Color: crimes gray
  • Formulation: Round Granular
  • Packing: 50 Kg bags
  • PH: Slightly acidic
  • Dosage: 500 Kg per hector
  • Solubility: It gets disintegrate directly when it come in contact of water.